Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Look Up

                                          Coming out of this builiding tonight, I happened to look up
                                          and I loved the shape it made against the clear blue sky.
                                          On a separate note, I wanted to thank everyone for the
                                          generous comments, and work based on my snapshots.
                                          I am unfortunately not able to leave comments, though
                                          I have tried several times on many of the participants blogs.
                                          I have seen and read some amazing things.  I'm going to try to
                                          work off of other participant's posts a few days a week in lieu
                                          of making comments.


  1. Some terrific building shots here, this post and the last. Amazing!

  2. Great photo! Reminds me that we need to look up now and then.

  3. My day 19 is partly in thanks to this image of yours, J. Thanks! xo


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