Friday, June 3, 2011



  1. Love it- all the geometric shapes give it a nice Escher-esque quality, and the grays are quite nice! Have a lovely NYC weekend! Can you email the skyline snap shots from last weekend?

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  3. enjoyed this too - I was today at the "Denkmal" memorial in Berlin (Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe) which is a field of grey slabs of stone, shadows and sunlight, and very moving.

  4. I love photos of architecture , the lines, shadows and movement.
    New York has so many rare gems through out the city I look forward to more posts.
    I have been to the Denkmal a few times I personally found it a beautiful building and I have had people get offend by that statement but I find beauty in many things that the average person won't see or understand. But I also see the beauty in a horses mouth.


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